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At Appliance Repair Experts, we understand that when something like a dryer isn’t working, your entire life can be disrupted. That’s why we are proud to offer extended working hours, helping you with your dryer problems from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday. On most occasions, we offer same day service and will have your dryer up and running in no time. That’s what sets us apart from other appliance repair companies.

We have several experienced and knowledgeable dryer repair technicians available to help you solve your dryer problems. These technicians are qualified to work on residential and commercial dryers of any age, make or model. We pride ourselves in providing quality and fast service for your dryer repair needs. If you are struggling to solve your dryer related issues, contact us today for more information.

Common Issues With Dryers

Sometimes a broken dryer is something that you can handle on your own. By checking these few items before making a service call, you can save time and money. We encourage you to call us immediately at 702-515-1515 if none of these items can fix the problem with your dryer.

  • Check Circuit Breaker: Sometimes a dryer will cause the circuit to pop without you ever noticing. If your dryer will not turn on all of a sudden, check to make sure that it is still plugged in and that the circuit breaker is engaged.
  • Check Lint Trap: If your lint trap is full, you will not get good air flow in the machine and your clothes will not dry. If your lint trap is clean, try sticking a long brush into the lint trap, such as a long handled bottle brush, and see if there is lint stuck near the bottom. Once removed, your dryer should begin to work as it should.
  • Check Air Hose: If your lint trap is cleaned and the dryer is still not effectively drying clothes, check your air hose. Many times lint will build up in the hose, causing your dryer to malfunction.
  • Check Outside Vent: This is especially important if you live in an area with high levels of humidity. Lint can become stuck to the flaps on the vent and make it too heavy to open. This blocks the air flow and does not allow your unit to effectively dry clothes.
  • Check Contents: If you hear a loud banging noise or rattling, it could be something that you placed in the dryer. Sometimes large loads will get “balled” up and bounce around in the dryer, instead of separating and drying. If this is not the case, shut off your dryer and call Appliance Repair Experts for assistance.
  • Check Contents Part 2: If a foul smell is coming from your dryer, there is a possibility that the items in your unit may not be dryer safe. Never put items in a dryer that have flammable liquids on them or have not been thoroughly cleaned. Some types of plastics, including Styrofoam and other chemical- based materials should never go into the dryer.

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